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Setting Preview - Gods Above Us

Our update today is another preview of one of our NGS settings: Gods Above Us. The world of Gods Above Us finds ambivalent heroes of small number but incredible power working against both villains and the normal humans who take to the streets as Vigilantes to emulate them. Our preview today is the introduction offered in the NGS book to that world. This story of a simple man forced to extraordinary measures shows the tone of a world of unforgiving Gods Above Us.


You can find the sample HERE!

Destiny Undone Preview Map!

Today we have another preview from one of the settings in the NGS book. This is the map of the United States from Destiny Undone: How the West Was Lost. This weird western setting features seceding territories in the iron grip of robber barons, bloodthirsty Aztecs spilling across the border of Texas, Native American spirit magic and the awesome clash of technology between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. This isn’t your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Old West!


You can download the High-Res version of the map HERE.

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NGS Fundamentals - Episode 3: Cooperative Setting & Character Creation

Today we bring you another designer discussion. This one finds our designers talking about the creation of Destiny Undone: How the West was Lost. What I love about this story is how much a setting can change based on the input of the group. By working together you send the creativity of the group into overdrive. This setting was a great example of how we ended at a much stronger and more compelling setting than where we started. Destiny Undone will be featured in the NGS book and we can’t wait until you get to experience the world!

Listen to the entire podcast at our Kickstarter Updates page!

NGS Included Settings Preview and a New Partner Announcement!

Yesterday we achieved our original funding goal and we are well on our way to our first stretch goal. As a special preview, I wanted to talk about the 4 base settings of the NGS book. The NGS book will contain these 4 settings PLUS any setting from a backer at the World Builder tier. All stretch goal settings we achieve, such as Samurai Steam, will also be in the NGS book. So every time we add a setting through a World Builder or Stretch Goal, everyone benefits!

View the entire post and setting descriptions at our Kickstarter Updates page!

NGS Fundamentals Episode 2: Character Stories

Our update today is another of our NGS Fundamentals podcast. This session finds our designers discussing some of their favorite moments from the various playtests. Listening to this again, it reminds me just how fast, fun and easy it is to have cinematic scenes in NGS. The rules-light nature of the system means the mechanics are always in the background with narrative right up front. That lets you set more exciting scenes and share more exciting stories. We hope you enjoy!

Listen to the full podcast in our Kickstarter Updates page!


Outtakes Video

It's Friday and today we have a fun update for you. We hope you like our Kickstarter video, but as with any movie, we didn’t exactly get it in one take. Click below to see some of the (hopefully) hilarious Outtakes.

There is a single curse word in the video, someone says D&@*-It in response to something, but we kept it clean otherwise. 

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Bookmark Preview


That is the front of our beautiful bookmark, which will come free to all of our backers who pledge at the Special Edition Hardback level.

Visit our Kickstarter page to become a backer and you will have the chance to play the game right away. Every backer of NGS will receive both our Quick Start Guide and a full introductory adventure.

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Welcome to a new era of narrative gaming!

We are excited to be putting the finishing touches on the Narrative Game System and we can’t wait to share everything we have done so far. Our Kickstarter for the book goes live in February and when it does you will have the chance to play the game right away. Every backer of NGS will receive both our Quick Start Guide and a full introductory adventure. The adventure takes place in the exciting setting of Spaceship Roma, a Sci-Fi setting of proud legionnaires exploring the reaches of space for the Glory of Rome. This setting amongst many others will be available in the final book, but you can experience it early.

Visit our Kickstarter page for more info!