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The Narrative Game system follows these 3 simple core principles. These guided every aspect of our design and the choices we made.

  • Collaboration: This game is about narrative collaboration at every single stage. From character creation, to the story itself and even the awarding of experience, the GM and the players will work together. The story is everyone’s responsibility, not just the GM.

  • Narrative: The story, and the characters taking part in that story are paramount. The advancement of that story in a fun, engaging and dynamic way is the most important goal. If rules ever conflict with the evolution of a fun, engaging and dynamic story, then the rules are wrong and the story is right.

  • Empowerment: The game itself offers simple directions for the creation of your narrative and your characters, but it’s a tool set, not a text book. You are as much the designer every time you sit down at the table as we are and we want to empower you in that role.


In the Narrative Game System, characters start with their story. Our exciting Narrative Accolade system lets you collaborate like never before, as everyone at the table not only shapes and controls the narrative, but rewards each other for a job well done. 

When it comes time for mechanics, everything revolves around two simple ideas: Narrative Abilities and your Mechanical Priorities.


Narrative Abilities are traits your characters have that represent the unique qualities which set them aside from other creatures, groups or individuals in the world. Some of these might be shared by others of the same race or who have similar training; others could be completely unique, granted by powerful items or as boons from potent beings.

What sets NGS apart, is that there are no mechanical descriptions or exact definitions of what these Narrative Abilities are capable of. Instead, we offer broad descriptions and advice on how your character might attempt to use these abilities to overcome the various challenges they encounter in their story. The reach and scope of each ability can be molded and changed to fit any world or setting, from the gritty two-fisted action of pulp noir to the highest flying heroes of the golden age. 


Most actions in the Narrative Game System are decided by cleverly using your Narrative Abilities and describing how you want to effect the story; no roll necessary. When you do need to roll, its a fast and easy process of one die and one bonus based on where you have set your priorities. If you want to be a potent physical threat, then you are. If you want to be brilliant, then you are. You don't make that choice ten or a hundred times over the course of character creation, you make it once and you are done. 

Our goal with the mechanics was to allow you decide anything you needed to with a simple roll, keeping them light enough that they fall into the background so that all you focus on is your character and the story. 


Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 12+
Length: 2-8 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English