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Concept Art

Twenty-five years ago, I picked up my first role-playing game because I was entranced by art on the cover of these strange books. It was unlike anything I had seen, but it spoke to me. Just looking at the cover, my imagination started to soar and I wanted to know more.

-Vincent Venturella, Venture Land Games

Art spurs our creativity like nothing else. In a single image, we can imagine ourselves in the role of ancient knights, far-flung space explorers or heroic defenders of a city. Art opens the doorway to countless worlds and it is for this reason we believe art is such an important part of the Narrative Game System.

We have many great artists lined up for NGS and this space will display many of their amazing pieces. We show you the sketches and the final product so you can see the creative process unfold. Just as lines and colors on a page combine and evolve to form a breathtaking image, NGS turns your words and ideas into hours of narrative fun for you and your friends to explore.

We are excited to be working with such talented professional artists. Check out the gallery below and visit our artist’s pages for more of their incredible work.