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Vincent R. Venturella

Writer, Lead Designer

Vincent Venturella first learned of the wonders of RPGs from a magical and long forgotten place called Walden Books some twenty plus years ago. Vince has been spending the previous decade putting his degree in Philosophy to work to argue about games of all types. When not absorbing all aspects of geek culture, he spends his days writing instruction manuals on rescuing princesses, killing zombies and collecting treasure. Vince served as the Writer and Lead Designer of The Narrative Game System.


Angel Hoffman

Designer, Public Relations

Angel Hoffman grew up in a small town with home grown table-top adventures in 1984 with her parents encouragement and later, and more importantly, their participation.   She graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Music in 1997 and went skipping from college into the wonderful world of technology to further become an eternal child at play working a day job to fund her infinite hobbies.  Her interests are gaming, reading, Guinness, cooking and gardening.  She served as a designer for the The Narrative Game System table-top role-playing game.

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Thomas Lyons

Lead Developer

Thomas Lyons has been an avid gamer for over 20 years and an amateur game designer for half of that time.  As a professional student, he graduated with a BA in Mathematical Science from the University of Cincinnati in 2004, Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2013 and is currently working on a PhD in Biblical Studies.   His interests include gaming, communal storytelling, studies in narrative, and religion.  He served as Lead Developer and as a member of the design team for NGS


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Ryan Dickerson


Ryan Dickerson has loved games of all types for years since hearing his dad describe the wonders of the myriad worlds of Dungeon's & Dragons. Such fantasy worlds were simply a gateway of course to the larger world of gaming in all tops from tabletop to LARP. Ryan loves a good story above all else and has a particular interest in worlds of mystery and intrigue. When not writing stories of pulp detectives, creatures of the night and ancient ocean dwelling evils, Ryan is reading anything he can lay his hands on in the pursuit of further inspiration. Ryan acted as a designer for the Narrative Game System. 


Daniel "Merv" Eldridge

A/V Director

Daniel Eldridge has been in the role-playing game community for almost 20 years.  He loved those stories so much that he went out in the word to make his own adventures.  He started his first real life adventure by joining the United States Marine Corps. Once he finished his first tour of duty, he went to college and obtained an associates degree in criminal justice.  With his new degree,  he began work as a law enforcement officer and began his second adventure.  Fast-forwarding to present day, Daniel finds the need to tell some of his stories.  After going back to school, he obtained his B.S. From Full Sail University in Digital Cinematography. He is currently going back to school for his masters degree in creative writing. Daniel served as the A/V Director and additional design for the Narrative Game System.

T. A. Lambert

Art Director, Game Developer, Game Designer, Additional Writing, Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Editing, Proofing, Book Layout and Design, Video Encoding, Cheerleading

Travis Alexander Lambert cultivated a love for science fiction and fantasy at an early age, introduced to amazing works of fiction by the likes of Heinlein and Tolkien by his mother.  That love quickly expanded to include Roleplaying Games of all kinds, as well as comics and films.  His hobbies include reading, writing, and dreaming up imaginary worlds with his friends.  Travis served in any role needed for the development of the Narrative Game System.